Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with Dealer Leads should be an easy, profitable, pleasurable experience.
The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Dealer Leads Core Standards.

Inventory Feed

We receive inventory files or inventory feeds on an hourly basis from over 450 photo / inventory providers across United States, Canada and Europe.


No contract here, it’s all month to month. A simple 30 day out is all that is needed to release you from your financial obligation to Dealer Leads.


Budget is entirely up to you and your dealership. The product is entirely performance-based so you get exactly what you pay for, nothing more nothing less. As a reference a well-established dealership will carry an average of a $2000 monthly budget.

Dedicated Ares Account Representative

Once the account is established, an experienced area representative will be assigned to you, we find dealing with the same account executive each and every time, throughout the life of the account will create unique niche opportunities.


To revolutionize the way that customers, shoppers, and leads are delivered to dealerships.

There is no reason for third-party vendors ever to capture customer information. It is our vision that all vendors you choose to do business with shall become performance-based, and paid as such. With one common goal in mind, to drive as much quality traffic to the dealership website as possible.

You simply cannot afford to do business with every vendor that pops up with the next great idea. However, if all vendors are paid based on performance, then, in a perfect world, you could choose to do business with every vendor and only pay for what they produce.

Direct all traffic to the one main website that dealerships will maintain to perfection. We use Google Analytics to create goals, transparency and accountability for each and every vendor.

Welcome to the Dealer Leads Revolution.