DealerLeads Blogging System

Dominate surrounding competitor markets using our proven blogging strategies

No other company has the ability to replicate our system of content generation and search engine dominance.

How Does Our System Target?

Our team of experts will work directly with you to determine which areas your dealership would like to develop, i.e. service, used cars, etc. Based on your selections we will then determine which keywords would be best to start ranking. Finally, we will decide on the cities you’d like to penetrate in your surrounding markets.

Local Targeting

competitor markets

Variable Radius

used cars, service, etc.

What's different about ARES blogging?

Let’s be honest, you can have anyone write quality content for your blog. Our advantage is our ability to attain high-level rankings in the search engines with the assistance of our extensive library of supporting websites.

The ARES blogging difference:

Built on a subdomain - subset of website, better UX

Navigation mirrors main website and links directly to dealer site

All links tracked with UTM codes shown in your analytics

URLs submitted to search engines, ranking in 48 hours

Supporting inbound links established to boost rankings

Better Rankings + More Traffic + Lower CPC = Higher ROI

Dealer Controlled Content

You will have access to all content and can even determine what gets published.

Master Degree Content Writers

Higher quality content ranks better in search engines, no keyword stuffing etc.

Attract Competitor Shoppers

Our system will target car shoppers from your competitors backyard and deliver them directly to your site.

DR and PA Increase

Our subdomain and supporting links will help increase the domain rank and page authority of your main website further increasing organic dominance.

Variable Radius Targeting

Every article will target a different city and the subject matter will determine the radius in which your articles are targeted.

Industry Ranking Dominance

No other company has the amount of sites to successfully deploy our strategy or acquire the level of rankings in such a short period of time.

How is blogging cost determined?

All blogs are 12 cents per word

Area and keyword competitiveness dictate article length

Basic blogs, not as competitive: 250 - 500 words

Competitive markets / key words : 1,000 - 1,500 words

Ex. Used Cars Near Me - local markets easier to penetrate

Our presentations are short & to point, so you can get back to selling cars!