Lead Generator vs. Lead Buyer

What is the difference between a lead buyer and lead generator?

First, let’s begin with lead buyers. In this scenario, vendors buy clicks from 3rd party websites — then mark up price & resell clicks to dealers. Being that these types of vendors (Lead Buyers) are purchasing clicks from 3rd party sites — they have little to no control of the quality of traffic they send. This method often leads to Abysmal Conversion Rates because leads are rarely attached to a specific vehicle, and are being sent to a dealer’s site that may or may not have the car shopper is looking for.

Because these leads are coming from 3rd party websites they don’t control, they are not targeted or attached to a specific car/make/model and are simply generic car shoppers. Not to mention those same leads are usually being sent to other dealers & are often Shared with Competitors.

DealerLeads, on the other hand, is a Lead Generator. This means we own thousands of automotive websites including classified sites, directory sites, and automotive research sites. Because we own this online real estate, we have control of it, and we’re able to capture active car shoppers in proximity to your dealership in all phases of the car shopping funnel.

In addition, we’re able to strategically move vehicle inventory from site to site to increase conversions based on your dealership demographics. Each of our VDPs link directly to your site with no forms or display ads along the way. This means the active car buyers we deliver directly to your site, are there because:

The shopper is located in proximity to YOUR dealership, and/or The exact vehicle they are looking for is Actually available at your dealership. This is how/why DealerLeads’ first gen traffic converts in the 3-7% range, where as 3rd party traffic generally converts between 1% – 1.5%.

TLDR: With a Lead Generator you get more traffic (with much higher conversion rates) at a lower overall cost per click!

A Lead buyer is basically just a middleman. — You and I both know that Cutting out The Middleman Saves You Money! — So why not work directly with the source??? Get started with DealerLeads today — Pay for only the traffic we send to you, no minimum budget requirements, no monthly fees, and no contracts! Give us 12 minutes of your time to show you how it works, fill out the form below!

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