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Dealer Analytics, the key to tracking successful online marketing and comprehensive SEO. As more opportunities for online advertising emerge, it becomes more difficult for dealers to discern what elements of their marketing mix are working, and which are performing sub par. The best way for dealerships to maintain high performing online marketing is through the use of dealer analytics. Without carefully monitoring their online marketing efforts, dealers risk losing business and wasting valuable funds. With the help of trained SEO professionals, dealers can assess the various components of their marketing strategies to improve campaign effectiveness and maximize ROI.

SEO is multifaceted and complex, making it extremely difficult to develop and maintain. The most successful dealers implore the help of online marketing experts to manage the various aspects of their SEO campaigns. Dealer analytics is statistics that provide invaluable insight into the performance of various SEO elements. The analytics themselves tell a dealer very little, but the implications behind them can help dealers understand where prospective customers are being lost and where the most conversions are taking place. To maximize their SEO, potential dealers must constantly adjust their strategies, and analytics tells them how.

Knowledge is power and without comprehensive dealer analytics informed decisions cannot be made regarding online marketing strategies. Dealer analytics serves as a consumer report card, highlighting exactly which aspects of a dealer’s SEO are working and which need improvement. Marketing specialists understand exactly how to interpret analytics and how to maintain successful SEO. Analytics shows dealers the number of visitors their site received, which pages were most popular, how prospective customers found their site, how long people remained on their site, and much more. This information gives dealers the ability to fine-tune their marketing efforts to drive traffic and increase conversions.

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Simply creating and implementing an SEO plan is not enough to ensure a dealer’s success. Dealers must be able to analyze properly and interpret their analytics to sustain optimal performance. Dealer analytics provides the information necessary to understand where online marketing efforts are failing and where they are succeeding. High-quality SEO is essential to the survival of any business, but especially those in the auto industry. Monitoring dealer analytics helps ensure that all aspects of a dealer’s website are functioning properly, which is crucial to obtaining high SERP rankings and improving online visibility.

Dealer analytics can help improve on and off site optimization, enhance dealer sites, and greatly improve ROI. Knowing which sources handle the most traffic, leads, and sales help dealers determine the most effective way to allocate their marketing budget. Analytics can even show dealers that keywords and keyword phrases visitors are searching for to find their website, and can help dealers track which keyword searches led to the most conversions. Access to this information helps dealers remain competitive, make the most of their marketing dollars, and increase their market reach.

Online marketing is immensely complex, and dealer analytics help contextualize its shortcomings and successes. To create the best possible marketing strategies, it is essential that dealers constantly monitor analytics and adjust efforts accordingly. Effective usage of dealer analytics can result in significantly improved SEO, higher traffic, increased conversion rates, better ROI, and substantial growth. Without analytics, it is impossible for dealers to improve their online marketing efforts and remain successful.