Coordinating Everything Digital Marketing: Why Shooting Arrows in the Dark Won’t Help You Close that Sale!

Coordinating Everything Digital Marketing: Why Shooting Arrows in the Dark Won’t Help You Close that Sale!

The automotive industry typically has a two-step tactic to ensure conversions: woo clients through branding and then close the deal by using promotions and sales. As marketing tactics have become profoundly digitally-based, the process of marketing has become more intricate and complicated. The amount of sheer noise dealerships have to cut through to garner leads and sales is astounding. While employing an SEO guru, a website provider, a PPC campaign and other sources for online advertising is necessary, there is another aspect of marketing that is just as important. The concept of coordinating digital marketing efforts is essential for churning high-quality traffic into leads, sales and, ultimately, a worthwhile ROI.

While the SEO tactics, PPC campaign and other branches of a dealership’s digital marketing tactics can work separately, they are ultimately more powerful if they are coordinated. It might not be possible or probable to have so many different strategies to work together.

However, what is possible is having a comprehensive campaign that utilizes several different types of tactics in order to funnel in the right type of traffic and leads. For example, advertising inventory on a classified site that does not have competing advertisers on it that also links directly to your VDPs is a smart move because it reduces competition and makes your stock pop.

When matched with a CPC/PPC campaign that specifically targets the demographics of your area, quality traffic is funneled to that classified site and, therefore, to your website, resulting in a filled out lead form.

Instead of shooting many arrows everywhere in the dark, concentrating efforts on a specific area with a particular aim will create a more efficient campaign overall. That area can be geographical, promotional, social media-based or anything else. The point, though, is to create a more comprehensive campaign that will allow for a profitable ROI. Whether or not your dealership has a BDC or ISM, you have an in-house digital marketing department or if you employ an external third party, generating high-quality traffic and leads by coordinating the various parts of digital marketing efforts will prove more successful than letting them work independently.

If you’re still unsure of how this works, give us a call today to find out about our comprehensive automotive digital marketing campaigns.