Classifieds More Info

Classifieds More Info

The classified sites that we utilize to promote inventory have two ground rules. One is that they are built to draw in consumers by having domain names that are similar to their search phrases. For example, if the search phrase is “local cars,” our PPC ad shows “”

How to utilize more inventory in classifieds

Just utilizing the word “local” as the web address already increases the click-through rate (CTR). That is why we have over 3,000 classified websites that we own and customize for our customers. The second guideline is that even though we have a broad range of keyword classifieds to choose from, shoppers are targeted behaviorally and geographically. These buyer classification techniques and technologies increase the power of advertising efforts.

Here is a short list of search phrases your customers use when they search for a car, truck, or SUV to buy:-

Local Auto

Local Cars

Local Dealers

Local Used Cars

Local New Cars

Local Used Car Dealership

Car Dealers Near Me

Search Local Dealers

track our campaigns and create full transparency

Since the inventory is proximity based, all of the leads are locally grown. We have zero forms on our site so that dealer website pages have exclusive access to these leads. In order to track our campaigns and create full transparency, we employ Google Analytics. With Google Goals, we can assess the progress of our program and provide accurate DealerLeads performance reports.

DealerLeads will give your dealership the dominating exposure it needs in a local market, while also focusing on each niche on your store’s website. We divide customers into several “behavioral keyword trigger” groups. A few examples are:-

Search | Quote | Research | Rebates

New Cars | Used Cars | Certified Cars | Incentives | Sub-Prime

Price | MPG | Vehicle Type | Parts | Service

This allows our program to purposefully geographically and behaviorally target vehicle buyers. In this way, we can produce consistent stellar results for all brands throughout the United States. We have become our clients’ top producing vendor each and every time. Our platform dominates major metropolitans, as well as small town areas. Wherever your store is located, we can create a strategy to match your needs and get you leads that result in sales.