3 Ways to Ensure Quality Traffic

3 Ways to Ensure Quality Traffic

We all know that just having a website, no matter how great, is not enough to make sales in the automotive industry. Websites have to rank high on search engines with SEO techniques, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can help generate traffic. Let us show you three components to make sure that the folks who get to your website are local, will engage with your inventory, and fill out a lead form.

We begin by creating customized research pages with changing and unique content. The information is regularly updated with your inventory to make sure that search engine crawlers know to rank these pages high, thereby increasing your visibility. The research pages are also linked directly to your dealership’s website so that any lead forms that are filled out are sent directly to you. Forget about classified websites that advertise multiple dealers or third-party sites that sell leads to several dealers. These pages are created exclusively for your inventory and your dealership.

To make these research pages stand out even more, we use our unique SEO program to ensure that only local customers come to your website. We geo-target cities in your area and if you have a particular demographic that you cater to we’ll make sure that they are the ones coming to your website. By using Google Analytics to monitor the traffic, we can track who is coming to which pages, how much they engage, and even what pages aren’t working so that we can change them if needed.

These reports are available to you at any time and our friendly account managers will walk you through the progress we are making. Unlike other digital marketing companies, we also have a bounce rate guarantee of less than 25% as of June 2016. So as traffic comes in, if we see that too many people are leaving your website and not engaging, we will go in and adjust our program to ensure that the right people are coming to your site.

At this point, you might be thinking: well, what happens if the traffic is so good that it goes over budget? Well, guess what: we have a budget cap. If we hit a vein and the traffic exceeds the amount we agreed on, it’s on us. We’re not going to shut our program off in the middle of the month because we don’t want to stop the flow of traffic. We’ll keep it going because we have a vested interest in seeing your dealership increase sales. Instead, we’ll work with you over several months to make sure that the traffic generated is a solid ROI.

Go ahead and take a look at your website and your internet marketing strategy: is it providing you with the traffic you need? Could it use a few adjustments and a boost? If the answer is yes, give us a call and our sales reps will explain exactly how we do what we do.